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Meta: A world setting that I started working on in about 2006. The entire setting is referred to as "Infraflux" though technically the planet itself is currently known as March Earth and Infraflux is just a very large country on it.

Infraflux the World

A future Earth, shaken apart in the late 1990's by a pseudo-magical event known as The Cataclysm that rewrote fundamental rules of nature and brought entities from other planes and other planets out to play. Built up again in the 2400's, people pulled the altered world back together to rebuild civilization in whatever form the new reality made possible, living their lives as people always have.

The world, now known as March Earth, is a dangerous place of unpredictable spontaneous generation and vast areas where the environment itself is hostile to unprepared forms of life. Civilization exists in pockets between: In prosperous cities with deadly perimeters guarding their farms, in towns with thick tall walls, and in brave villages guarded by a few powerful individuals or just hanging on with sheer bloody stubbornness.

Nature on March Earth has been overturned. The usual rules of animals and plants barely hold any grip at all, and strange hybrids can easily be formed if their parents are merely conceptually compatible (a spruce and a fir, a cat and a rabbit, a lion and a rose). The division between organic and inorganic is also blurry, with living trains laying their own tracks across the countryside and people made of metal and ceramic. Forces from beyond the material plane have also woven themselves into the tapestry of life (called by some, "magic"): Shine that inflicts energetic law, and Dim that inflicts frigid chaos.

These forces, along with the technological and cultural influence of the alien Geometrids, are usually summarised as "The Five Powers":

  • Dim - (decay, disharmony, uncertainty, chance, energy withdrawn)
  • Shine - (structure, harmony, regularity, immobility, energy applied)
  • Lore - (the force of human knowledge and stories)
  • Earth Sense - (the natural pre-Cataclysm rhythm of the Earth)
  • The Geometrid Influence - (the lingering marks of a visiting alien race)

Infraflux the Country

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On March Earth, Infraflux is the name of a vast intercontinental "country" formed by the unifying and blending of many countries that previously existed on Earth. Although it covers a huge percentage of the land and a decent amount of the ocean mass of the Earth, there are still some areas that have opted to remain independent or are too wild to realistically be included.
Infraflux is technocratic and guided by vast AI that are partially subservient to decisions made by voters and elected experts. All citizens of Infraflux are eligible for base-level income and education as long as they live somewhere where it can be provided.

Timeline of History

Familiar Earth

Prior to the late 1990's, Earth continued its merry existence as we know it. (The unfinished Infractus Lex comic details the events that trigger the creation of March Earth and split the timeline of the Infraflux universe and our own). The origin of these events has been lost to time. Presumably they are known to the entities that were present for them (such as Angels, but to most others the knowledge is lost.

The Cataclysm

In the late 1990's, the chain reaction of events known as The Cataclysm plunged Earth into planar and ecological chaos, deconstructing many fundamental principles of the planet. For about two decades, the Earth was a non-stop sequence of catastrophes ranging from regular fire and earthquake disasters, to giant monster attacks and supernatural virus outbreaks.

Lore Cascade
One man's unfortunate manifestation of Non power triggers the chain-reaction physical manifestation of mental concepts (from the imagination and collective unconsciousness of the human race) on a global scale thanks to the power of Lore. These creatures themselves bring new things into existence, and their presence sparks the imagination of the world to greater heights, creating a cascade effect that starts to alter the planet itself.

Planar Meddling
Intrigued and concerned by this cascade of Lore manifestations, angels and demons from the higher planes arrive to investigate. As counterbalance, their presence also invites the arrival of darkbeasts and cold ones from lower planes. Ambient Shine and Dim energies begin to irreversibly alter the planet.

Nature's Capitulation
Lore, Dim, and Shine all being forces that alter the conceptual nature and behavior of the material world, the natural systems that govern the Earth itself are rocked. New lands begin to form, influenced by the planar intrusions, and Lore cracks open the borders between species, allowing plant and animal hybrids to flourish and reproduce based on conceptual similarity alone.


Many major cities are destroyed by principles of Lore. With bizarre creatures running rampant and nature itself coming undone, the infrastructure of human civilisation collapses with great loss of life. The survivors learn and adapt, to a still-changing and harsher world.

Seeding of the Tar Flats
In the mid-western deserts of what was formerly the United States of America, the first tiny patches of Tar Moss begin to appear; the self-perpetuating asphalt life-form that will one day expand to cover a large area in the middle of the continent known as the Tar Flats.

Reign of the Black Kings (~2180)
A notable era in still post-apocalyptic Earth. The territory expansion and rule of the Sons of the Dark, originating in March Scotland but mercifully never extending much further thanks to the various early deaths of all four brothers. Their descendants carry their sorcerous legacy in The Nightmother Bloodline.

Beginning of the Rebirth

With the majority of the sapient population of Earth now heavily hybridised and adapting to a now calmer planet, civilisation begins to pick itself back up again after about 300 years. Old technologies begin to reappear, and cities once again begin to grow, as well as the first few signs of industry and economy.

The Teleost Broadcasts (2293 - 2301)
The years in which The Teleost Broadcasts aired, spreading inter-communication and cultural sharing to those people worldwide who could understand both English and Morse code, starting a boom in radio devices and rebuilding the interest and opportunity for a radio broadcast network.

Extraterrestrial Visitation
The chaos on Earth attracts its first visitors from beyond the solar system; the liquid crystalline Geometrids. Individual Geometrids arrive randomly, and some are influential in getting the infrastructure of what was formerly humanity back on its feet.

March London Rebuilt (2321)
The ruins of London are renewed thanks to the vision of its founder and first new mayor, Cashran Glasmacher. The growing city becomes a beacon of fresh hope and peace for the changed Earth, and the first step towards the founding of the Infraflux supercountry.

Infraflux Supercountry Founded (2354)
The creation of the laws and system that govern 85% of March Earth's landmass and 30% of its oceans. Key to this was the reconstruction of the telecommunications network, and a few decades later, the global internet.

Modern Day (~2400 onwards)

The present state of March Earth is one balanced between dangerous, sparsely inhabited hazardous areas, and densely populated safe cities filled with people of all shapes and hues living their daily lives. The rebuilding of the internet and the assistance of higher entities has lead to a significantly more advanced level of technology than before the Cataclysm, and peace generally flourishes wherever it can.

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